37 TMJ

Saya mengalami TMJ. Tiada kena mengena Dgn TMJ JDT.

Rahang teralih ketika menguap nmpk Macam kelakar tetapi ianya terjadi 37:100 000.

Wow! Saya sangat bertuah!

Ingatkan ianya boleh kembali normal,,namun ia buatkan sy tidak dapat makan. Telan air liur pun sakit. Esok saya perlu jumpa doktor lah nmpknya...

Boleh buat bacaan lanjut ttng TMJ ni...

The joint involved with jaw dislocation is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint is located where the mandibular condyles and the temporal bone meet.[6][7] Membranes that surround the bones help during the hinging and gliding of jaw movement. For the mouth to close it requires the following muscles: the massetertemporalis, and medial pterygoid muscle. For the jaw to open it requires the lateral pterygoid muscle.[8]


Side view of the skull with anterior dislocation of jaw.
Side view of the skull with posterior dislocation of jaw.
Side view of the skull with superior dislocation of jaw.
Front view of the skull with lateral dislocation of jaw.

There are four different positions of jaw dislocation: posterior, anterior, superior and lateral. The most common position is anterior. Anterior dislocation shifts the lower jaw forward if the mouth excessively opens. This type of dislocation may happen bilaterally or unilaterally after yawning. The muscles that are affected during anterior jaw dislocation are the masseter and temporalis which pull up on the mandible and the lateral pterygoid which relaxes the mandibular condyle. Posterior dislocation is common for people who get injured after being punched in the chin. This dislocation will push the jaw back affecting the alignment of the mandibular condyle and mastoid. Superior dislocations occur after being punched as the mouth remains open. Since great force occurs in a punch, the angle of the jaw will be forced upward moving towards the condylar head. Lateral dislocations move the jaw away from the skull and are likely to happen with other jaw fractures.[9][10][11]

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