Langkawi, 2010 soul retreat

Iman on a pilot survey,
Harbor Park, Langkawi with evening mode view.

Harbor Park, Langkawi, night vision

Alang is having a piece of birthday cake.

Celebrating abah's birthday, happy birthday abah..

cute birthday cake for beloved abah.

Waiter!bill please!

dinner time,
Arabian cuisine at the Maharajah Restaurant,
harbor Park, langkawi

at Harbor Park, langkawi

ermmm what is your special delicacies?i want to order.

posing, and posing under the coconut tree with breezing whisper...

iman and surayya are having an evening sermon maybe?
look at surayya, so cute with her sling arms.

While having tea time at The Loaf (Che Det's)
meet our new friend,
Mohd Ali and his daughter, Aisyah From Russia!
Asma Surayya is so jealous!

abah with Aisyah.

Surayya, iman and Aisyah @ The Loaf, Harbor Park, Langkawi

taking a stroll with my sweeties...

having good time running and laughing!

@ Harbor park, Langkawi

Peace no war!

family occasion, cousin's engagement

Meaning of Retreat:

The place to which anyone retires; a place or privacy or safety; a refuge; an asylum.
Langkawi is my Kampung, the place to which anyone retires (or tired again?)

Langkawi is my place of privacy and safety

Langkawi is also a place of refuge from hectic and chaos-tic!

Langkawi is an asylum. i love Langkawi

langkawi in my heart and imagery
stay my soul and all misery
during my free time and holiday would be
the place so sweet nobody wouldn't agree

there's my family, that's my kampung
my childhood life and my early school days
retreat of my soul to my kampung
the memory of it will remain always


  1. Salam Kak Rose...mmmm memang suker.. bestnyer dapat gader2 mmmm happening sesangat.. suker2.. he he he kak 19 Jan kami ke Langkawi lagi ... Mes. MT Koperasi.. he he he

  2. salam erma
    wah, ke langkawi lagi..jemputlah ke rumah parents akak yer..


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