Useful schooling

Life is complicated. It starts before we are ready, it continues while we are still trying to figure out the point of it. And it ends long before we are worked out just what to do.

It is vital then that young people prepare for that journey as soon as they can. We are lucky because there is a brief , special time in their lives when they are meant to do just that—school.

Having dizziness of choosing a right school for iman. It ranges from Excell, Kemas, Pasti, Smart Reader Kids, Little Caliphs and such.

For a few short years, our children are our captive audience. We are able to impart whatever knowledge we think will benefit them at some point of their lives.

If we agree that the function of education is to prepare us for life, than there is a very little time to waste. We know that before long, our children will become bored, disillusioned, and far too large to intimidate, so, while we can, we ought to concentrate on teaching them really useful things. Here is what our school should teach;


The sooner our young people learn this, the better. Politeness and consideration are the hallmarks of civilization. In any case, a lot more can be accomplished by a smile and good manners than with a PhD!


Kids should learn to take care of their bodies. They should know about the implication of eating junk, taking drink, smoke or drugs, they should know how people become pregnant, age of puberty and beyond also learn about sex.

Critical thinking

Today, we are swamped by fact and opinion. We are in need of rational and reasonable being with guided way of looking at facts and logic.

Managing money

Our adult lives are consumed by the struggle for this. We have a responsibility to teach our youngsters basic skills from the outset.


All of us are part of something much bigger. We have rights and responsibilities. We ought to understand what they are, and why they are that way. We have to know a little bit of our immediate history and geography, because we need to have a context in which to relate to the people around us.

Are these subjects too low-brow? Our schools cannot be designed to enable the best and the brightest to excel. They must also equip the weakest among us to survive and tell our kids that :

“this is life, this is what you are going to face, and this is how you deal with it.”

(I share my opinion with Adrian Tans voice essay on what really useful schooling is)

look how Surayya is reading mommy's magazine:)


  1. Iman akan ke sekolah... apepun pasti yang terbaik... wah wah wah suraya... bisa jadi tarzan mamamu itew ha ha ha

  2. iman akan masuk Pasti thn depan insyaAllah. surayya akan terus membaca bersama mama:)(majalah T*** tu pun satu, paper quality low sgt!selamat la surayya "baca".

  3. Wah wah K.Rose tukar langsir baru... cantiq.. erma suker warna kuning2 oren2 warna ceria n semangat tu he he he

  4. tuler erma, rase cam raya dah 2x, langsir x tuko2 cari kaler ceria cket la...ahahahha


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