Mars Vs Venus

suami sukakan makaroni bakar dan saya sukakan siakap kukus!baik, kita sama-sama masak dan sama-sama makan!

Lelaki dan wanita pasti punyai perbezaan sehingga digambarkan masing-masing berasal dari dua planet yang berbeza. alangkah cantik jika dapat mencari keserasian dalam perbezaan tersebut?

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (published in May 1992) is a book by John Gray offering many suggestions for improving men-women relationships in couples by understanding the communication style and emotional needs of the opposite gender. It spawned a series of follow-on books expanding on specific situations.

The book, as suggested by the title, asserts the notion that men and women are as different as beings from other planets. Gray adopts this metaphor as the central theme of all his books and seminars, likening men and women to the classical Roman god Mars and goddess Venus as ideal types.

In contrast to some psychologists and feminists who emphasize similarities between the sexes, Gray writes almost exclusively about differences. Gray says that his "Martians" and "Venusians" are only stereotypes and cannot be applied blindly to individuals.

An example of the theories it offers is that women complain about problems because they want their problems to be acknowledged, while men complain about problems because they are asking for solutions. Other concepts in the book are the difference between women and men's point systems and how they react under stress. Gray's most current book is Venus on Fire | Mars on Ice, an exploration of relationships and the role of food and nutrition to sustaining a healthy romantic partnership (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"O Mankind, keep your duty to your Lord who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate (of same kind) and from them twain has spread a multitude of men and women" (Quran 4: 1).

A scholar who pondered about this verse stated: "It is believed that there is no text, old or new, that deals with the humanity of the woman from all aspects with such amazing brevity, eloquence, depth, and originality as this divine decree.”

The Quran provides clear-cut evidence that a woman is completely equated with man in the sight of God in terms of her rights and responsibilities.

The woman in Islamic law is equal to her male counterpart. She is as liable for her actions as a male is liable. Her testimony is demanded and valid in court. Her opinions are sought and acted upon.

"And whatever wrong any human being commits rests upon himself alone; and no bearer of burdens shall be made to bear another's burden... For, He it is who has made you inherit the earth, and has raised some of you by degrees above others, so that He might try you by means of what he bestowed upon you"

A woman is given the role of a mother; a role that Islam gives the highest respect to after Allah. People who disobey their mothers are held in God’s eyes as the worst type of sinners. Such is the place of women in the eyes of Allah. She is a blessing or the bringer of fortune and joy in the form of a daughter. And she is a wife; companion to man in all his social, physical and economic endeavors.

A woman is no commodity or slave but an equal to man in all spheres of life. She is in no way compelled to subjugate her will to the will of a man if she has the right stance.

In Islam the basis of submission is men and women together submit to God. So therefore, when you read the passages of the Quran, it becomes very clear that the obedient from among both the believing men and women receive paradise, which is the greatest aim and objective in a Muslim's life.

The feminist movement of the 60s did much to gain recognition for women’s rights in the United States. But what it failed to do was recognize that men and women are different and women shouldn’t be exactly like men because they aren’t men. Islam recognizes this major point, but what many Muslims fail to understand is that just because men and women are different, this doesn’t mean that men are made to do only "A", and women are made to do only "B". There is more overlap in their roles and contributions to society than there is clear-cut specialization. Women belong in certain roles wheras men belong in others but this does not give precedence to one over the other.

We can then say that Islam declares man and woman, as being of the same substance, ethics, feelings, mentality and one is not in a commanding position over the other ( Nadia Irfan Shaikh 2002).

Akhirnya kami berdua bersetuju yang kami sama-sama suka steamboat!


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